The Solar 4R Schools Team


Dick Wanderscheid, Vice President, Renewable Energy Group

Dick oversees BEF’s nationwide investments in small-scale renewable energy projects and manages the organization’s acclaimed Solar 4R Schools program. Dick would be an appropriate contact to discuss support for studies and papers; to build support for new hydro, wind, or solar projects; or to engage the Solar4RSchools team in new ventures.

Dick spent 28 years managing renewable energy and energy efficiency programs for the City of Ashland and was the Municipal Electric Utility Director from 2001-2009. He developed one of the first net metering laws in the Northwest and installed several photovoltaic systems, including a 64 kW ‘community funded’ project in 2007. Dick has degrees from Oregon State University and Southern Oregon University.


Chaun MacQueen, Program Director - Solar 4R Schools

Chaun manages the Solar 4R Schools program and would be the appropriate contact to discuss funding partner relationships; school applications; utility managed green power subscriber programs; or school district renewable energy programs.  Call 503-553-3925 or email.

Chaun has over 18 years of experience designing and conducting environmental education programs in the U.S. and abroad for diverse audiences. Prior to working for BEF, Chaun worked as a senior analyst at The Cadmus Group, Inc. where she implemented and evaluated energy education programs and conducted process evaluations of utility energy efficiency programs in various states in the U.S. Chaun served as the Program Director for Community Energy Project in Portland for about nine years, where she managed energy education, water conservation and environmental health education, direct service, and professional training programs. Chaun has an M.S. in environmental studies from the University of Oregon and she graduated from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and Environment & Forest Biology. She also served as a community forestry Peace Corps Volunteer in far-western Nepal (1997-1999).


Melissa Robinson, Program Manager - Energy Education

Melissa is the Solar 4R Schools Program Manager. Working closely with teachers and content experts, she designs and leads the program’s teacher trainings and curriculum development. Melissa also helps educators select and then integrate the most appropriate activities and science materials to support their existing curricula. Melissa is an appropriate contact if you have questions about the Solar 4R Schools classroom materials, teacher training or activities, or if you are a vendor seeking to establish a relationship with our program. Call 503-553-3950 or email.

Melissa received her B.S. from the University of Montana and her M.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks focused on issues of climate change and community engagement.  She has over ten years of experience coordinating and leading environmental education and citizen science programs as well as collaborating with formal and non-formal educators.  Before coming to BEF, Melissa worked as the Outreach Education Coordinator for the Ogden Nature Center in Utah as well as the Environmental Education Specialist for the Ogden City School District, where she was in charge of integrating environmental science into all aspects curricula, providing hands-on lessons to students, and training teachers on inquiry-based pedagogy.

Emily Barrett, Technical Content Specialist

Emily serves as the program’s primary subject matter expert. She designs and leads teacher trainings and workshops, helps educators select the best-fit activities and science kit materials to augment their existing curricula, supports the program website’s Solar Learning Center and Teacher Activity Center, and works collaboratively with educators to develop new classroom activities to make available for educators nationwide.

A graduate of Tufts University with a BA in English, Emily has substantial experience in technical writing and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Power Systems Engineering at Portland State University where she is working on a research project on demand side smart grid solutions.


Sean LaFreniere, A.AIA, Project Manager - Technology Specialist

Sean manages solar projects, data monitoring and system maintenance, and our website and network of display kiosks. Sean is an appropriate contact to discuss the details of an installation project he is leading; to ask about data monitoring, kiosk, or website issues; or to discuss system repairs.  Call 503-553-3955 or email.

Sean studied urban planning and industrial design in Copenhagen and earned his Master's in sustainable urban architecture from the University of Oregon in 2007.  Before coming to BEF in 2010, Sean worked in consumer finance, software and hardware development, commercial and residential construction design.  Sean has worked in system design and project management for renewable energy installations at schools, community solar projects for utilities, and with data monitoring of projects across the country.