Solar 4R Schools Application Process

Types of Applications

Please note that are two separate types of Solar 4R Schools applications: the Renewable School application, which includes the installation of a demonstration photovoltaic system at your school, and the Renewable Classroom application, which is for schools interested in the classroom materials and teacher training that the Solar 4R Schools program can offer but who are not seeking support for an on-site photovoltaic system.

For schools who already have a photovoltaic system and want to augment their existing project with data monitoring and a touch-screen kiosk, there is an extra portion of the Renewable Classroom application called Renewable Classroom PLUS.

Deadlines and Notifications

BEF evaluates applications and makes funding decisions quarterly, so you should expect to hear from us as follows:

  • Q1: Applications received between 12/16 and 3/15. Notification on or before 6/30
  • Q2: Applications received between 3/16 and 6/15. Notification on or before 9/29
  • Q3: Applications received between 6/16 and 9/15. Notification on or before 12/28
  • Q4: Applications received between 9/16 and 12/15. Notification on or before 3/31

**Special Deadline for Applicants in Idaho Power Territory**

Please note that applicants where the host school is served by Idaho Power Company have a different deadline. The Solar 4R Schools program will be accepting applications for the 2015 project cycle through October 1st, 2014. There is a separate application specifically for Idaho Power schools entitled "Idaho Power Applications." It is identical to the regular application, and so if you have already begun working on a "Renewable School Application" that is fine. Feel free to complete the application you've already begun and send an email to s4rs(at) when you submit the application letting us know that you wish to be considered in the Idaho Power Company pool.

How to Apply