Renewable Energy

da Vinci brings to life the art of green building


Da Vinci Arts Middle School in Portland celebrated a roofing renaissance at its new LEED Platinum-anticipated, net zero energy, high performance classroom building on April 10.The school held an open house to showcase the latest innovation of its groundbreaking building: a roof constructed with integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar tiles.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) donated 150 32-watt SolarSave® tiles from Applied Solar, Inc. that are being integrated into the roof and wired to an inverter in the building. When combined with a smaller, pole-mounted PV array already located at the site, these two systems will generate up to 6.3 kW of energy — enough to provide the 1,490-square-foot building’s electricity needs — making it the first net zero energy, LEED Platinum-anticipated, freestanding public school classroom in the nation.

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