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Bonneville Environmental Foundation provided educational materials and project management services for this project through its Solar 4R Schools program. BEF, a non-profit organization, was established in 1998 to restore watershed ecosystems and further the development and use of renewable energy resources. Through revenues generated from the sales of green power products, BEF funds and manages projects that restore damaged watersheds and support new renewable energy.

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Snohomish County Public Utility District’s Planet Power program provided funding for this project. The PUD supplies electricity and water service to one of the fastest growing counties in the Pacific Northwest. PUD programs include low interest loans and cash rebates for residential home weatherization, rebates for efficient appliances and discounted compact fluorescent lights. In spring 2009, the PUD launched a solar program, including loans and incentives for both photovoltaic and solar water heat systems. The utility is also at the forefront of tidal and geothermal energy research. Additional PUD energy comes from renewable hydroelectric sources, co-generation projects fueled by biogas and biomass and wind energy. The Planet Power program provides all PUD customers the voluntary option of supporting the development of even more new renewable energy generation resources