Lone Rock School Installs Solar

The Lone Rock School in Stevensville, Montana held a media day for its new Solar 4R Schools solar installation on June 6. According to a report by TV station KPAX 8, many of the students at Lone Rock are excited by renewable energy.

"It powers our electricity and our bathrooms, and just about everything in the school" added fellow sixth grader Alex Shepherd.

The sixth grade students we talked with are learning about solar energy.

"I think they love anything new as long as it's new and different, they like that,"Lone Rock School Superintendent David Cluff explained.

Lone Rock hasn't started teaching the curriculum yet, but already kids are catching on to what the panels do, and how they're helping the environment.

"Saving the environment from all the coal burning and pollution," Garrett Cleveland commented.

"We don't have to use anymore of the gasoline, the coal, pretty much all we need is the sun which will be shining quite a bit," sixth grade student Richard Malachnski said.

The students, including Shepher, are also thinking about the panels long term. "It might help me in the future, it might get me a job."

"I think in the future I will have solar panels on my own house because I don't want to have to throw cash out of my pocket to pay for the electric bill," Cowan said.

For a video about the project, visit the KPAX web site.