Links & Resources


  • Recommended Reading

    Curious about renewable energy and want to learn more? Lots of information can be found in books and we've gathered a selectin of good ones we like to recommend. Just click the Recommended Reading link.

The Solar 4R Schools team would like to share some links to our favorite free online solar tools. We use these online resources daily to help design our school solar photovoltaic systems and predict how much electricity these systems will generate.

Solar 4R Schools uses a variety of equipment for our installations. This page lists our most popular equipment. When equipment is hyperlinked you can click the name to download the manufacturer's spec sheet (as available).

  • Green Careers

    Interested in a career in renewable energy?  The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly.  Within the next five years the total amount of energy currently produced from renewable energy worldwide—10gigawatts— is expected to double.  An incredible feat considering it’s taken nearly twenty years to reach the current level of production. For more information on jobs in renewable energy, click the Green Careers link.