Green Careers

A Growing Market for Green Careers

Interested in a career in renewable energy?  The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly.  Within the next five years the total amount of energy currently produced from renewable energy worldwide is expected to double.  An incredible feat considering it’s taken nearly twenty years to reach the current level of production.
Whether your interests are in wind, solar or beyond, you’ll find resources below for up-to-date job postings, training programs and college level courses.

Solar, Wind, and Green Job Listings

North American Boards of Solar Energy Practitioners -

American Wind Energy Association -

Green Energy Jobs –

Greenjobs –

Careers and Jobs in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy from the US Department of Energy -

American Council on Renewable Energy -

Training and Workshop Programs

Solar Energy International International -

Solar Living Institute -

Yestermorrow Design/Build School -

College Courses

A sample of the degrees currently offered:

Columbia Gorge Community College

Offers 1 year certificate and 2 year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Renewable Energy Technology. -

Lane County Community College

The Energy Management Program was born in 1980 when Alan Gubrud, a physics instructor at Lane Community College, obtained a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a curriculum that combined the principles of basic physics with energy analysis techniques. Students gained a working understanding of energy systems in today's built environment and the tools to analyze and quantify energy efficiency efforts. The program began with an emphasis in residential energy efficiency / solar energy systems and has evolved to include commercial energy efficiency and renewable energy system installation technology. -

Oregon Institute of Technology

The degree program begins by establishing a solid foundation of physics, chemistry and mathematics, which pave the way for coursework in electrical and mechanical engineering. Upper-division courses in renewable-energy specific courses include photovoltaics, energy management and auditing, wind power, biofuels, renewable-energy transportation systems, green building and fuel cells. The Renewable Energy curriculum prepares graduates for engineering careers in the energy sector in general, and the renewable energy in particular. -

Washington State University

Renewable energy information and specialists help you decide which energy source is most suitable for your Washington state renewable energy project. -