Data Monitoring and Display

Data Monitoring Turns Energy into Education

Solar 4R Schools strives to monitor every solar installation in the program, so that students everywhere can use the material as a learning tool. The tool that monitors the performance of the PV system is called a Data Acquisition System or DAS. The DAS records energy production and weather data and transmits this information to the Internet. BEF works with several data monitoring companies as approprate to the location and technology deployed at each site.

Energy monitoring is a valuable tool for:

  • Understanding how a PV system works
  • Troubleshooting a PV system
  • Analyzing long-term trends in energy production
  • Quantifying environmental impact reductions

Data Monitored

  • Direct Current (DC) flow to the inverter from the solar panels
  • Alternating Current (AC) flow from the inverter
  • Weather Conditions, including ambient temperature, solar module temperature and solar irradiance

Data Exploration

The Solar 4R Schools website supports the display and exporting of data in PDF or CSV (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) formats. This data can be accessed from the Explore tab at the top of the website, then selecting the school of your choice from the list, or directly from a school's page on the website.  

Data Display

Individual site data can be accessed from any web-enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer via the steps detailed above.  Some schools will also recieve an interactive touch screen kiosk.