Clark Public Utilities

Clark Public Utilities started the Green Lights program to support the development of renewable energy resources in the Northwest. Customers can choose to purchase Green Lights renewable power in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks. Each block costs an extra $1.50 per month. Customer contributions are pooled to support the development of new, non-polluting energy resources in our region. Green Lights is operated in association with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
Clark Public Utilities is a customer-owned utility that provides electric and water service.

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sort icon City State Install date System size
Camas High School Camas WA 1/1/2006 1.0 kW
Clark Columbia Vista Corporation Vancouver WA 1/1/2006 2.0 kW
Clark Public Utilities Operations Center Vancouver WA 7/26/2010 12.0 kW
Columbia River High School Vancouver WA 6/22/2010 2.2 kW
Covington Middle School Vancouver WA
Crestline Elementary Vancouver WA 8/28/2014 12.0 kW
Hayes Freedom School Camas WA 3/3/2010 41.0 kW
Henrietta Lacks Health & Bioscience High School Vancouver WA 1/18/2013 11.0 kW
Heritage High School Vancouver WA 3/3/2010 2.4 kW
La Center High School La Center WA 11/27/2006 1.0 kW
Sacajawea Elementary Vancouver WA 5/1/2014 6.0 kW