Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions

Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions (GESS) is a resource efficiency company that provides comprehensive developer-led retrofit program management services to public and private real estate portfolio owners, including school districts, community colleges and universities.  We leverage 15 years of green building development experience at Gerding Edlen to upgrade building, campus and site performance by optimizing energy, water and waste efficiency.  As part of our suite of services, we provide third-party financing for solar projects.  For more information, please visit

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sort icon City State Install date System size
Atkinson K-8 Portland OR 7/29/2009 115.2 kW
Beaverton Health and Science School Beaverton OR 100.0 kW
Creston K-8 Portland OR 7/29/2009 27.0 kW
Elmonica Elementary School Beaverton OR 4/14/2012 100.0 kW
Gladstone Center for Children and Families Gladstone OR 100.0 kW
Gladstone High School Gladstone OR 95.0 kW
Harvey Scott School Portland OR 9/3/2013 120.0 kW
Jackson Middle School Portland OR 158.6 kW
Kraxberger Middle School Project - Current Installation Gladstone OR 100.0 kW
Lane Middle School Portland OR 7/29/2009 60.0 kW
Lent School Portland OR 7/29/2009 100.0 kW
Pioneer Columbia Portland OR 7/29/2009 52.3 kW
Roseway Heights School Portland OR 3/1/2009 53.9 kW
Springville K-8 Portland OR 100.0 kW
Woodstock Elementary OR 7/29/2009 16.3 kW