Schools in Idaho Power Service Territory

Solar 4R Schools™ aims to inspire a new generation of clean energy leaders with the insight and innovative thinking necessary to solve our most pressing energy challenges. Solar 4R Schools is administered by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). Through contributions to its Green Power Program, Idaho Power awards up to two projects per year to schools located within its service area. Thanks to Idaho Power Company’s Green Power Program participants for supporting the Solar 4R Schools program. There are currently 17 projects in Idaho Power’s service area. Learn more at

Idaho Power projects fall under the Renewable School offering and include teacher training, science kit materials and the installation of a small-scale demonstration photovoltaic (PV) system at your school with data monitoring. Typical photovoltaic systems installed have ranged from 1 to 4 KW, depending on local cost variables. Although applicant match is not required, it can be used to increase the system size beyond the awarded size.

Solar 4R Schools™ does not provide cash grants. Rather, Solar 4R Schools™ provides selected schools with full-service support for the project for teacher professional development training and resources, ongoing content/technical support and BEF project procurement and management of the installation of a demonstration-scale PV system.

Before You Apply

Please review the information below and in the application form to understand how these projects are selected, the requirements for school participation and what to expect should you receive support for your project. All applicants and project host sites are expected and assumed to be in compliance with all laws, including equal opportunity and environmental laws.



Solar 4R Schools™ currently accepts applications in Idaho Power's service serritory for teacher-led projects at K-12 schools or educational facilities that meet the following criteria


Idaho Power Renewable School Eligibility Criteria

  • Located in the Idaho Power’s Service Area
  • Led by a dedicated Teacher Champion with District support
  • Priority is given to schools without an existing or nearby Solar 4R Schools installation
  • Host school/facility owns the building and is empowered to undertake the installation, operations, and maintenance of a PV system
  • Upon completion of the system, the school will assume system ownership including data monitoring and licenses. Host school must be willing to assume ownership of and maintenance for the PV system, and data monitoring once installed.



Solar 4R Schools™ accepts Renewable School project applications on behalf of Idaho Power on an ongoing basis from educational facilities meeting the above eligibility requirements. Applications are only accepted online; paper applications will not be considered. Solar 4R Schools™ support is provided to eligible schools as funding becomes available. Decisions are tied to the designated application review as indicated below (Deadlines and Notifications). At the end of each review period, all applicants will be informed of the status of their application. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply.

We will accept applications anytime - the deadlines for fall and spring consideration are:

April 1st & October 1st

Idaho Power will review applications in fall and spring, and will notify schools shortly after each deadline.

To complete your application, download and fill out the application form >>    and email to the Solar 4R Schools program.


Project Funding

Solar 4R Schools™ projects in Idaho Power’s service territory are funded by the participants in Idaho Power’s Green Power Program. For projects outside Idaho Power’s service area, click here.