Bertschi School

Seattle, WA
  • As of 7:11am PDT
  • Power
    143.4 W
  • Irradiance
    39.7 W/m2
  • Temperature
  • Lifetime
  • 25,279.5 kWh
    35,391.3 lbs of CO2 Avoided


Mostly Cloudy at 6:53am
56 °F/13 °C
Mostly Cloudy at 6:53am
Wind direction: SE
Wind speed: 7 mph

System Specs

4.0 kW
180.0° from North

System Installer

  • Puget Sound Solar
This week, Bertschi School generated Kilowatt-hours of electricity.From fossil-fueled sources, this amount of electricity would have emitted lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This could power:

  • An electric toothbrush for
  • A 42" plasma-screen television for
  • A typical video game system for

Located on North Capitol Hill, Bertschi School had a 4 kW solar-electric system installed in 2006. The visibility of the solar panels is a public symbol of the school's commitment to educating students about responsible global citizenship and environmental sustainability. In November 2008, Solar 4R Schools repaired the power monitoring and weather station of the photovoltaic system at Bertschi School, as well as provided activity guides and science kits to the school to assist educators in integrating renewable energy education into their curriculum.