Bremerton High School

Bremerton High School

Puget Sound Energy awarded Bremerton High School and science teacher Emily Wise $16,000 for the project - $13,300 for the solar modules and $2,700 for curriculum materials (see link).

Ron Carpenter, Facilities Manager for Bremerton School District, is the director of district efficiency measures. His effort to improve our schools’ energy efficiency was the foundation for this award. Without him, this project would not have happened. The District has invested over $1M in energy improvements through a variety of grants and partnerships, all facilitated by Ron.

Panels were installed by local contractor SunWind Concepts in Kitsap County. The high school has been producing power since the beginning of September 2011.

Ten 230 Watt solar modules produce up to 2.2 kW.  Each panel has an Enphase micro inverter and a website for the school to track daily, weekly, monthly, and annual power production.

Emily procured lab equipment, Kill-a-watt energy audit devices, and mini-scale solar car kit materials with her curriculum money. Everyone was invited to attend the solar car races that spring!

Visit the home page of Bremerton science teacher Emily Wise here.






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