Paisley School

  • As of 9:07am PDT
  • Power
  • Irradiance
  • Temperature
  • Lifetime
  • kWh
    lbs of CO2 Avoided


Fair at 8:55am
55 °F/13 °C
Fair at 8:55am
Wind direction: N
Wind speed: 0 mph

System Specs

  • 9 Solar World 255W Modules
  • 9 SolarEdge DC Power Optimizers
  • SolarEdge 3.0 Inverter
  • Sun Storage Shelter Array Structure
  • Solar Weather Station
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System Installer

  • E2 Solar Energy
This week, Paisley School generated Kilowatt-hours of electricity.From fossil-fueled sources, this amount of electricity would have emitted lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This could power:

  • An electric toothbrush for
  • A 42" plasma-screen television for
  • A typical video game system for

Installed in the winter of 2013 by E2 Solar, the 2.3 kW photovoltaic system at Paisley School provides an on-site source of electricity for the school and a learning opportunity for students. With an average of 5.12 peak sun hours a day, Paisley is among the places with the most solar resource in the state.