Sonoji Sakai Intermediate

Bainbridge Island, WA
  • As of 9:56am PDT
  • Power
    0.0 W
  • Irradiance
    3.4 W/m2
  • Temperature
  • Lifetime
  • 40,480.4 kWh
    56,672.6 lbs of CO2 Avoided


Mostly Cloudy at 8:53am
61 °F/16 °C
Mostly Cloudy at 8:53am
Wind direction: SE
Wind speed: 6 mph

System Specs

5.0 kW
180.0° from North
This week, Sonoji Sakai Intermediate generated Kilowatt-hours of electricity.From fossil-fueled sources, this amount of electricity would have emitted lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This could power:

  • An electric toothbrush for
  • A 42" plasma-screen television for
  • A typical video game system for

Sakai Intermediate School was built in 1999, and has won awards for its “green” design. The lights turn off automatically, the school has bioswales that protect the salmon stream behind it, and it is registered backyard wildlife habitat. The school’s 1.1 kW solar project is a unique partnership between the Bainbridge Island School District and a number of other public and private entities and includes the solar panels, a touch screen display, software to monitor the array. Community Energy Solutions, a local non-profit organization, raised the funds to extend the 1.1kW systems to a 5.1 kW system in 2009.