University Place Town Center

University Place, WA
  • As of 12:56pm PDT
  • Power
    4,067.0 W
  • Irradiance
    277.0 W/m2
  • Temperature
  • Lifetime
  • 15,859.4 kWh
    22,203.2 lbs of CO2 Avoided


Mostly Cloudy at 11:53am
64 °F/18 °C
Mostly Cloudy at 11:53am
Wind direction: S
Wind speed: 15 mph

System Specs

5.0 kW
180.0° from North

System Installer

  • A&R Solar
This week, University Place Town Center generated Kilowatt-hours of electricity.From fossil-fueled sources, this amount of electricity would have emitted lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This could power:

  • An electric toothbrush for
  • A 42" plasma-screen television for
  • A typical video game system for

The City of University Place completed the grant funded photovoltaic project as a functional and educational public example of renewable energy. Along with other grant funded improvements located in the center of University Place, such as electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle lockers, recycling receptacles, etc., the photovoltaic system, located on the energy efficient Civic Building, serves as a visible example of the City’s commitment to sustainable practices.