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Solar 4R Schools has installed solar panels on schools across the country, from elementary schools to colleges. You’ll find them all here, plus the team has installed solar-electric systems on other buildings that serve as educational hubs for their communities. They’re here, too.  Some schools have wind turbines as well and other interesting information like how much energy their building uses in relation to how much their solar panels generate.

Plus schools join our Renewable Classroom program all the time—that means they don’t have their own solar PV arrays, but they have classroom science kits with renewable energy activities and games and they use the power data on this site to learn more about renewable energy. So can you!

Browse Solar 4R Schools projects through the list, the map, or the gallery of pictures. You can tell what school has what by looking at the icons on the left in the list below.

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Type School/Project City Statesort icon Install date Size (kW)
Solar Crow Middle High School 2/20/2014 11
Solar Lyle Secondary School 3/18/2014 6
Solar Tri Tech Skills Center 3/13/2014 2
Darrington Middle-High School 9/21/2012 10
Solar Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Los Angeles CA 3/4/2009 1
KIPP LA College Preparatory School Los Angeles CA
Solar Denver School of Science and Technology Denver CO 1/21/2009 1
Del Pueblo School Denver CO 7/10/2006 1
Solar Breckenridge Elementary School Breckenridge CO 9/1/2009 2
Orlo Vista Elementary School Orlando FL
Solar Maharishi School Fairfield IA 12/31/2005 1
Solar Merrill Middle School Des Moines IA 5/15/2008 1
Solar Idaho Arts Charter School Nampa ID 9/29/2011 2
Solar Capital High School Boise ID 1/1/2006 1
Solar Payette High School Payette ID 1/1/2005 1
Solar O'Leary Middle School Twin Falls ID 8/13/2010 1
Solar Eagle Middle School Eagle ID 1/1/2005 1
Solar Wood River High School Hailey ID 12/31/2004 1
Solar NOLS Teton Valley Driggs ID 7/21/2010 8
Solar William Thomas Middle School American Falls ID 1/1/2005 1
Solar Leadore School Leadore ID 3/29/2010 1
Solar Ola Elementary School Ola ID 9/8/2008 1
Solar Castleford School Castleford ID 1/26/2009 1
Solar Notus Junior Senior High School Notus ID 12/20/2013 5
Solar Meadows Valley School New Meadows ID 9/14/2008 1
Solar Riverstone Community School Boise ID 11/9/2007 1
Solar Grace Lutheran School Pocatello ID 1/23/2009 1
Solar Pocatello Community Charter School Pocatello ID 1/1/2005 1
Solar Southwest Middle School Lawrence KS 12/31/2004 1
Barnard Elementary School Washington DC MD
Solar Maple Hill Farm Hallowell ME 9/9/2007 13
Solar Woodward School for Technology and Research Kalamazoo MI 4/14/2006 1
Lone Rock School Stevensville MT 4/5/2011 4
East Valley Middle School East Helena MT 4
Solar Townsend K-12 School Townsend MT 3/29/2010 28
Solar Pine Middle School Reno NV 3/31/2009 2
Solar Lycée Français de New York New York NY 12/2/2011 5
Solar Lake Metroparks, Farmpark Ohio OH 8/14/2007 2
John Hay High School Cleveland OH 7/15/2007 1
SOU - Hannon Library Ashland OR 1/3/2003 6
Solar Cleveland High School - Portland Portland OR 1/1/2006 1
Gladstone Center for Children and Families Gladstone OR 100
Solar Rosa Parks Elementary School Portland OR 9/27/2006 1
West Linn High School West Linn OR 1/10/2006 1
Lincoln High School Portland OR 8/1/2006 1
Solar Bandon City Offices Bandon OR 1/22/2013 8
Wind West Salem High School - Wind Salem OR 3/30/2008 2
Solar Creston K-8 Portland OR 7/29/2009 27
Solar West Salem High School - Solar Salem OR 1/1/2006 3
Gladstone High School Gladstone OR 95
Solar Crescent Valley High School Corvallis OR 8/10/2010 3
Solar City of Ashland - Police Station Ashland OR 1/3/2003 17
Kraxberger Middle School Project - Historical Data Gladstone OR 1/2/2009 1
Da Vinci Middle School - Tracker Portland OR 11/1/2005 1
Solar Tillamook PUD Headquarters Tillamook OR 11/28/2012 6
Da Vinci High Performance Classroom Portland OR 7/2/2009 5
Skyline School - Wind Portland OR 3/28/2011 3
Solar Lane Middle School Portland OR 7/29/2009 60
Falls City High School Falls City OR 6/14/2010 1
Solar Hatfield Marine Science Center Newport OR 1/1/2005 1
H.B.Lee Middle School Portland OR 1/1/2006 1
Helman Elementary School Ashland OR 8/19/2011 5
Solar Lent School Portland OR 7/29/2009 100
Northwest Youth Corps - Fronius Eugene OR 10/6/2009 40
Sequential Bio Fuels Eugene OR 9/1/2006 33
Solar Sellwood Middle School Portland OR 6/3/2009 1
Encore Ceramics Grants Pass OR 1/1/2005 29
SOU - Stevenson Union Ashland OR 10/18/2013 32
Solar Atkinson K-8 Portland OR 7/29/2009 115
Oregon City High School Oregon City OR 5/1/2004 1
The International School Portland OR
Solar CREST Center Wilsonville OR 1/1/2006 2
Solar Jason Lee Elementary School Portland OR 1/24/2013 3
Solar Willamette High School Eugene OR 1/1/2006 2
Solar Beaverton Resource Center Beaverton OR 9/19/2007 1
Fern Ridge Middle School Elmira OR
Solar Sunnyside Environmental School Portland OR 3/26/2008 1
Solar Adams Elementary School Eugene OR 4/1/2011 6
Solar Harvey Scott School Portland OR 9/3/2013 120
Hosford Middle School Portland OR 4/19/2013 3
Mapleton High School Mapleton OR
Solar North Mountain Park Nature Center Ashland OR 5/22/2008 1
Wilderness Charter School Ashland OR 9/29/2008 1
Paisley School Paisley OR 3/6/2013 2
Solar Midstate Electric Cooperative La Pine OR 9/8/2006 7
Solar Roseway Heights School Portland OR 3/1/2009 54
East Portland Community Center Portland OR 6/22/2009 85
Solar St. Helens High School St. Helens OR 9/26/2007 1
Solar Hillsboro Civic Center Hillsboro OR 1/1/2006 3
Elmira High School Elmira OR
City of Ashland - Shakespeare Festival Admin Bldg Ashland OR 1/3/2003 6
Forest Grove Light & Power Forest Grove OR 7/6/2012 8
Solar Jackson Middle School Portland OR 159
Solar Northwest Youth Corps - PVPower Eugene OR 10/6/2009 1
Five Oaks Middle School Beaverton OR
Elmonica Elementary School Beaverton OR 4/14/2012 100
Solar Blachly-Lane County Electric Association Eugene OR 3/9/2009 6
Solar Beaverton Health and Science School Beaverton OR 100
City of Ashland - City Council Ashland OR 1/3/2003 6
Solar Woodstock Elementary OR 7/29/2009 16
Solar City of Ashland - Solar Pioneer 2/Community Solar Ashland OR 1/3/2003 64
Solar La Pine Middle School La Pine OR 7/13/2009 1
Solar Molalla High School Molalla OR 1/1/2006 1
Triangle Lake School Blachly OR
Springville K-8 Portland OR 100
Solar German American School of Portland Beaverton OR 1/26/2009 8
Kraxberger Middle School Project - Current Installation Gladstone OR 100
Solar Pioneer Columbia Portland OR 7/29/2009 52
Park City High School Park City UT 8/22/2008 1
Solar Champlain Valley Union High School Hinesburg VT 6/25/2009 1
Everett Christian School Everett WA
Morgan Middle School Ellensburg WA
Solar Key Peninsula Civic Center Vaughn WA 3/7/2014 5
Northwest Stream Center Everett WA 4
Solar Mukilteo City Hall Mukilteo WA 8/11/2009 3
Solar Interlake High School Bellevue WA 1/16/2009 4
Solar Western Washington University Bellingham WA 5/23/2008 2
Eckstein Middle School Seattle WA
Garfield High School Seattle WA
Pacific Lutheran University Parkland WA 8/10/2012 7
Puyallup Pioneer Park Pavilion Puyallup WA 3/31/2011 10
Catherine Blaine K-8 School Seattle WA
Lynnwood High School Lynnwood WA
Ellensburg High School Ellensburg WA
Solar Carl Gipson Senior Center Everett WA 12/2/2011 4
Solar Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream Maltby WA 5/1/2009 2
Issaquah Fish Hatchery Issaquah WA 9/25/2008 1
Solar Stanwood High School Stanwood WA 6/12/2009 1
Solar The Evergreen School North Shoreline WA 11/30/2011 10
Kimball Elementary School Seattle WA
Solar Pathfinder Elementary Seattle WA 12/13/2008 2
Sky Valley Education Center Monroe WA
Excel Alternate High School Ellensburg WA
Solar Seattle Aquarium Seattle WA 6/9/2009 60
Sonoji Sakai Intermediate Bainbridge Island WA 12/10/2008 5
Solar University Place Town Center University Place WA 7/28/2011 5
Pinehurst K-8 Seattle WA
Solar Washington Middle School - Seattle Seattle WA 7/1/2004 1
Summit K-12 Seattle WA
Solar Future of Flight Everett WA 12/30/2011 3
Solar Hayes Freedom School Camas WA 3/3/2010 41
Solar Klondike National Historical Park Seattle WA 5/18/2010 3
University of Washington - Mechanical Engineering Building Seattle WA 2/8/2005 3
Solar Bertschi School Seattle WA 11/4/2008 4
Meridian School Shoreline WA 9/29/2004 2
Seattle University Student Center Seattle WA 8/23/2005 5
Solar Central Washington University Ellensburg WA 11/1/2012 29
South Whidbey High School Langley WA 10/30/2008 2
Hamilton International Middle School Seattle WA 11/22/2011 5
Solar Shoreline City Hall Shoreline WA 5/13/2010 20
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