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More than 200 schools and counting!

Solar 4R Schools has installed solar panels on schools across the country, from elementary schools to colleges. You’ll find them all here, plus the team has installed solar-electric systems on other buildings that serve as educational hubs for their communities. They’re here, too.  Some schools have wind turbines as well and other interesting information like how much energy their building uses in relation to how much their solar panels generate.

Plus schools join our Renewable Classroom program all the time—that means they don’t have their own solar PV arrays, but they have classroom science kits with renewable energy activities and games and they use the power data on this site to learn more about renewable energy. So can you!

Browse Solar 4R Schools projects through the list, the map, or the gallery of pictures. You can tell what school has what by looking at the icons on the left in the list below.

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Type School/Project City Statesort icon Install date Size (kW)
Solar City of Port Angeles - Maloney Heights Port Angeles WA 3/3/2011 6
Catherine Blaine K-8 School Seattle WA
Hamilton International Middle School Seattle WA 11/22/2011 5
Eastlake High School Sammamish WA 3/1/2010 13
Ellensburg High School Ellensburg WA
Solar UW - Mechanical Engineering Building Seattle WA 2/8/2005 3
Lynnwood High School Lynnwood WA
Solar Glenwood School Glenwood WA 9/8/2012
Anacortes High School Anacortes WA
Solar Stanwood High School Stanwood WA 6/12/2009 1
Puyallup Pioneer Park Pavilion Puyallup WA 3/31/2011 10
Solar The Evergreen School North Shoreline WA 11/30/2011 10
Kimball Elementary School Seattle WA
Solar Pathfinder Elementary Seattle WA 12/13/2008 2
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle WA 3/25/2009 2
Excel Alternate High School Ellensburg WA
Solar Future of Flight Everett WA 12/30/2011 3
Solar UW - Merrill Hall Center for Urban Hotriculture Seattle WA 12/22/2004 10
Sky Valley Education Center Monroe WA
Solar Wake Robin Learning Center Longview WA 4/11/2008 1
Solar Woodland Park Zoo Carousel Site Seattle WA
Solar Henrietta Lacks Health & Bioscience High School Vancouver WA 1/18/2013 11
Solar Seattle Aquarium Seattle WA 6/9/2009 60
Sonoji Sakai Intermediate Bainbridge Island WA 12/10/2008 5
Solar University Place Town Center University Place WA 7/28/2011 5
Pinehurst K-8 Seattle WA
Solar Washington Middle School - Seattle Seattle WA 7/1/2004 1
Evergreen Junior High School Redmond WA 3/23/2009 12
Tahoma Senior High School Covington WA 11/16/2010 1
Solar Interlake High School Bellevue WA 1/16/2009 4
Meridian School Shoreline WA 9/29/2004 2
McCaw Hall Seattle WA 5/24/2004 6
Summit K-12 Seattle WA
Solar Brightwater Center Woodinville WA 9/19/2011 3
Solar Edmonds Community College Lynnwood WA 12/28/2011 2
South Whidbey High School Langley WA 10/30/2008 2
La Conner Water And Wastewater Service La Conner WA
Thornton Creek School Seattle WA
Seattle Center NW Rooms Seattle WA 8/20/2008 2
Tacoma Community College Tacoma WA 4/10/2009 24
St. Joseph Seattle WA 9/24/2009 5
Solar Ballard High School Seattle WA 7/13/2004 1
Solar NOLS Pacific Northwest Conway WA 9/16/2013 10
Solar Vancouver Water Resources Education Center Vancouver WA 1
Solar Hazen High School Renton WA 3/3/2010 2
West Woodland Elementary Seattle WA
Skyview Junior High School Bothell WA 3
Solar Snohomish High School Snohomish WA 10/8/2009 1
Solar Ballard Library Seattle WA 1/3/2003 5
Mercer Island High School Mercer Island WA
Laurelhurst Elementary Seattle WA
Solar Crestline Elementary Vancouver WA 8/28/2014 12
Mountlake Terrace Transit Center Mountlake Terrace WA 3/26/2009 5
Solar Shoreline City Hall Shoreline WA 5/13/2010 20
Solar Carkeek Park Seattle WA 5/1/2004 4
Ingraham High School Seattle WA
The Clearwater School Bothell WA 2
Solar Columbia River High School Vancouver WA 6/22/2010 2
Solar Trinity Lutheran College Everett WA 10/2/2010 3
Montlake Community Center Seattle WA 3/27/2009 4
Greenwood Elementary School Seattle WA 11/4/2008 1
Sunrise Elementary School Redmond WA
Solar Hayes Freedom School Camas WA 3/3/2010 41
WA School for the Blind Vancouver WA 2/15/2006 24
Nihomachi Terrace Apartments Seattle WA 1/10/2009 2
Solar Bertschi School Seattle WA 11/4/2008 4
Solar Clark Public Utilities Operations Center Vancouver WA 7/26/2010 12
Cleveland High School - Seattle Seattle WA
Salmon Bay Alternative School Seattle WA
Griffin Elementary School Olympia WA 2
Solar Raymond Schools Raymond WA 7/1/2011 5
Solar Eastern Washington University - Fixed Pole WA 4/18/2012 3
Everett High School Everett WA 12/4/2012 1
Washington State Capitol Olympia WA 7/12/2007 20
Covington Middle School Vancouver WA
Solar Toutle Lake High School Toutle WA 2/6/2008 1
Solar Sacajawea Elementary Vancouver WA 5/1/2014 6
Solar Lake Washington School District Support Services Center Redmond WA 2/26/2010 9
Solar Bradner Gardens Seattle WA 1/26/2009 5
Lake Stevens High School Lake Stevens WA 5
Spruce Street School Seattle WA 10/10/2008 1
Solar Woodland Park Zoo - Discovery Barn Seattle WA 1/3/2003 1
Whitman Middle School Seattle WA
Roosevelt High School Seattle WA
Northwest Stream Center Everett WA 4
Solar Heritage High School Vancouver WA 3/3/2010 2
Solar Eastern Washington University - Tracker Cheney WA 5/8/2012 3
Holy Rosary Seattle WA
Solar Camas High School Camas WA 1/1/2006 1
Vashon Island High School Vashon WA
Lincoln Elementary Ellensburg WA
Solar Dimmitt Middle School Seattle WA 10/29/2009 3
Solar Western Washington University Bellingham WA 5/23/2008 2
Helen Baller Elementary School Camas WA 6/29/2009 1
Solar Center for Families Madison WI 12/31/2005 4
Solar Journeys School - Fixed Pole Jackson WY 7/14/2008 1
Solar Journeys School - BIPV Jackson WY 8/10/2008 7
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