267 photovoltaic systems are currently generating 19,590 Watts.
14,288,200 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) have been generated to date.
This amount of electricity from fossil-fueled sources would have emitted 20,003,480 lbs CO2 into the atmosphere.
This is equivalent to the electricity needed to power one American home for about 1,295 years
This is equivalent to the electricity needed to power a television for about 13,592 years

Opportunities for Teachers

The Solar 4R Schools program has an annual summer program where teachers interested in creating new solar energy activities have the opportunity to receive a stipend and materials to take part in a collaborative activity development process.

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What is Solar 4R Schools?

Developed and managed by Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), Solar 4R Schools provides schools nationwide with hands-onPolaroid photo of kids with a solar powered car teaching tools such as science kits, lesson plans and photovoltaic solar arrays so students can learn about solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies.

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