Introducing Solar Energy Lesson 4: Exploring Solar Powered Water Pumps

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Leah Gorman
Intended Grade Level(s):
Subject Area(s) Covered:
Estimated Activity Length:
1 hour
Learning Goal(s):
Students will make observations about how a solar cell needs to be set up to push water through a pump and hypothesize about how energy is changing form as the pump runs.
Next Generation Science Standard(s) Met:

Students explore with a solar cell and a pump to discover how to make the pump run. They will hypothesize and informally test whether they can make the pump run faster or slower.


Science Kit Material(s) Used

Individual Solar Module—1.5-Volt, 500 mA
Small DC Water Pump

Other Material(s) Used

• Two-Column “Evidence” / “Conclusions” Chart • Two plastic containers (one larger)• Electrical Tape • Scissors • Copy of Handout 1