City of Ashland

The City of Ashland, Ore. has partnered with BEF on several successful projects. BEF contributed about $60,000 to fund and build Solar Ashland, which encompasses the solar installations at the Civic Center, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and SOU. At the time of its construction, Solar Ashland was the largest solar plant in the Pacific Northwest. The City also received guidance from BEF to create, market and implement the Solar Pioneer program. In 2003, BEF provided funding to Ashland for the solar project at the Wilderness Charter School, which will provide on-site renewable electricity for the school and be used in hands-on academic projects. In 2011, the City of Ashland partnered with BEF once again to install a 5.17 kW system at Helman Elementary School and to deliver educational materials and training to teachers.  In 2013, the City supported a 32kW installation at the University of Southern Oregon's Stevenson Union building.

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sort icon City State Install date System size
City of Ashland - City Council Ashland OR 1/3/2003 6.0 kW
City of Ashland - Police Station Ashland OR 1/3/2003 17.0 kW
City of Ashland - Shakespeare Festival Admin Bldg Ashland OR 1/3/2003 6.0 kW
City of Ashland - Solar Pioneer 2/Community Solar Ashland OR 1/3/2003 64.0 kW
SOU - Hannon Library Ashland OR 1/3/2003 6.0 kW
SOU - Stevenson Union Ashland OR 10/18/2013 32.0 kW
Wilderness Charter School Ashland OR 9/29/2008 1.0 kW