WA School for the Blind

Vancouver, WA
  • As of 11:52pm PDT
  • Power
    5,849.0 W
  • Irradiance
    144.1 W/m2
  • Temperature
  • Wind

    Local Direction
    Local Speed
  • Lifetime
  • 351,545.0 kWh
    492,163.0 lbs of CO2 Avoided


Fair at 10:53pm
74 °F/23 °C
Fair at 10:53pm
Wind direction: NW
Wind speed: 8 mph

System Specs

24.0 kW
This week, WA School for the Blind generated Kilowatt-hours of electricity.From fossil-fueled sources, this amount of electricity would have emitted lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This could power:

  • An electric toothbrush for
  • A 42" plasma-screen television for
  • A typical video game system for

The Ogden Resource center is a new building on the Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) campus. It serves as Washington's K-12 instructional resource center for blind and visually impaired children. The building integrates many sustainable elements, including the only modular earthroof on the west coast, photovoltaic solar, daylighting, onsite stormwater management, and a bioswale planter. No other Washington state-owned building has a system of this nature. The state of Washington uses photovoltaics in several applications, mainly on roadway projects and remote installations. The Ogden Resource center serves as a test for large scale, state-owned buildings.

The system is currently one of the largest building-dedicated systems in the Northwest, based on kW of power generated per square feet of building space. BEF purchases the Renewable Energy Certificates from the school and sells them to Clark County PUD and other BEF Renewable Energy Certificate customers. WSSB provides the community with a renewable source of electricity and offsets some of its operating expenses with the money earned from the sale.